Ballot Measure 1 will greatly affect the economy and growth of Alaska

By John H. Lamont, Alakanuk, AK

I am writing this brief article related to the “Stand for Salmon” ballot initiative that will be voted on this November by ALL ALASKANS. This is my opinion and my opinion only!

First, I want to make it clear that I am not an attorney and not affiliated with any governmental agency. I own a business license that is not actively used right now under the business name of “Lamont Consulting.”

I am an active commercial fisherman on the Lower Yukon River in Alaska and have been involved with commercial fishing for over 50 years on the mouth of the Yukon River. I have witnessed the growth and decline of commercial harvests of salmon throughout the last 5 decades. Commercial fishing for salmon on the mouth of the Yukon is the largest economy we have and have had since the early 1900’s, it impacts thousands of indigenous fishers along the entire length of the Yukon River in Alaska and Canada. AND if “Stand for Salmon” is passed by the Alaskan voters I might as well (with all the other indigenous and other races of Alaskans) leave my home state to the Green Environmentalists (with powerful wealthy donors) that live in the contiguous 48 states to be the voice and make decisions for Alaska! I do not support “Stand for Salmon” it will greatly affect the economy and growth of Alaska.

Alaska currently has regulations that protect the resources of our great state. There are many safeguards currently in place that guides the development of our natural resources, we do not need an outside group to tell us how to develop, where to develop and when to develop our Great States’ resources.

We also do not need non-Alaskans telling us what processes we need to complete before we can build schools, airports, community centers, fish processing plants, health facilities, water and sewer projects, and many other much needed critical infrastructures on our lands. PLEASE vote “NO” on the “Stand for Salmon” ballot measure this November.

When I first heard about and saw some of the propaganda related to “Stand for Salmon” I thought… Wow! This is going to help me get more salmon and therefore, make more money. What I didn’t realize was that it had nothing to do with salmon. Many Alaskans are probably like me and don’t realize how the “Stand for Salmon” ballot measure will affect the development of our Great States’ resources, so please vote “NO” on the “Stand for Salmon” ballot this November 6, 2018!

Lizzie Rosen