JEDC RESOLUTION of the Board of Directors

Resolution 2018-01: Regarding Ballot Measure One

“An act providing for the protection of wild salmon and fish and wildlife habitat.” 

WHEREAS, Alaska is reliant upon its natural resources to develop and maintain an economy; 

WHEREAS, fishing is one of several critical industries in Alaska, and commercial fishing generates significant employment in Alaska, especially in Southeast; 

WHEREAS, the Juneau Economic Development Council is committed to advocating for the incubation of the local, regional, and State economy, and Alaska remains in recession and job creation and preservation remains a high priority; 

WHEREAS, a ballot initiative is a limited vehicle for public involvement in policy development, providing limited ability to find a balanced solution to concerns from the fishing, mining, petroleum, hydropower, timber, tourism, or any other party that may impact salmon habitat; 

WHEREAS, while there are current deficiencies in the current regulation that the ballot initiative addresses, these issues can be addressed through other means, without unduly impacting resource development; 

WHEREAS, the current process being used by the State of Alaska has resulted in permitted projects in Alaska that protect our environment; 

WHEREAS, the implementation of these regulations could result in unforeseen and negative impacts on current investment and future development; 

WHEREAS, the advocates for this initiative have highlighted areas in need of meaningful reform. 


The Board of Directors of the Juneau Economic Development Council urges citizens of Alaska to vote No on Ballot Measure One: An act providing for the protection of wild salmon and fish and wildlife habitat. The JEDC urges all parties to come to the table, utilize public participation and the legislative process to address concerns regarding permitting and habitat protections, and specifically requests that the Legislature address legitimate concerns raised through this initiative process. 

Lizzie Rosen