Stand for Salmon is deceptive

By Vicki Otte

Alaskans, don’t be fooled by the Stand for Salmon ballot measure. Their supporters say it’s about protecting fish habitat. It’s not. Their entire campaign is deceptive. The real consequences of Ballot Measure 1 are nothing short of devastating.

Think of what will happen to our communities, especially those in rural Alaska, if construction projects are slowed or even grind to a halt because of this misleading campaign. I grew up in McGrath and have seen that community continually lose families over the years because of a lack of jobs. If we make it even harder for Alaskans to develop our resources, that outward migration will only get worse. The fact that Ballot Measure 1 is being sold as something good for Alaska Native people also really bothers me. As the former CEO of the ANCSA Regional Association and a driving force behind the Alaska Native Justice Center, the notion that we should limit our opportunities under the false claim that fish habitat will gain additional protections is offensive.

Denying Alaska Native people the ability to reach our full economic potential represents the very injustice we struggle with to this day. Reject this deceptive ballot measure, Alaskans. Vote no on Proposition 1.

Lizzie Rosen