This Proposition Will Cause Even More Layoffs

By Dakoda Martin

I have lived in Alaska my entire life, and I am constantly in awe over the great things our home has to offer. However, I have grown to see the slow downfall of our state due to poor policies and a restrictive, bloated state government. It seems the people we elect promise to raise our income and boost our economy, but the only solution they come up with is taxes and regulations. These falsely based claims our politicians and activist groups have based policies on have all but crippled our infrastructure because companies cannot afford to complete the work or keep Alaskans employed. I have spent years working to get involved with the oilfield and finally got my foot in the door at the beginning of 2018. After only being here for 2 months, I have seen propositions to not only raise taxes for oil companies, I have now seen this measure to cost them even more money with un necessary permitting. These propositions will cause even more layoffs, right when it seems the oil field was beginning to pick back up. Natural resources are what our state depends on, to squeeze every penny you can out of the companies pulling out these resources would be economic suicide! I don't want to move my family out of state, but the state government is failing us. If it costs me my job, I will have no choice but to follow many others and abandon ship to somewhere that isn't going to reach into mine or my boss's pockets for a solution.

Lizzie Rosen