A Resolution of The Associated General Contractors of Alaska

In Opposition to The Salmon Initiative

WHEREAS, The Alaska Constitution provides the State’s resources shall be made available for maximum use consistent with the public interest; and,

WHEREAS, Alaska has a history of development of its resources by making them available for maximum benefit of all Alaskans; and,

WHEREAS, the maximum benefit of all Alaskans includes multiple use of public lands in the development of those resources, and,

WHEREAS, in the development of our resources we don’t have to choose between resources but how to manage among all resources; and,

WHEREAS, Alaska’s current regulatory process for permitting resource development protects the environment, human health and safety, and subsistence values; and,

WHEREAS, excessive regulatory policies can have a disincentive on Alaska’s competitiveness for all industries and the current regulatory process causes considerable delay in permitting projects; and,

WHEREAS, The Salmon Initiative, if approved by voters, will bring to Alaska another complete review process that will add redundant layers of bureaucratic review and resulting project delays; and 

WHEREAS, these redundant layers of review will provide no added value to the resource, and instead will cause additional delay and cost to almost all projects, private and public; and,

WHEREAS, current permitting processes are more than sufficient to protect fisheries habitat and resources;

WHEREAS, The Associated General Contractors of Alaska believes in Alaska’s current commitment to balancing resource development and strong environmental standards and that getting permission is the biggest obstacle we must overcome in developing our resources; and,

WHEREAS, recent initiative efforts aimed at protecting resources have had a real purpose to stop major development projects; and,

WHEREAS, National and Local efforts to lock-up Alaska’s resources are a detriment to the public, the economy and the people of Alaska and are contrary to Alaska’s constitution; so

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, The Associated General Contractors of Alaska all the natural resources, the working people and the economy of Alaska that depend on wise management of those resources and oppose the passage of the Ballot Measure known as The Salmon Initiative.

ADOPTED by The Associated General Contractors of Alaska and signed on March 20, 2018

Lizzie Rosen