Consequences for all Alaskans with Stand for Salmon Initiative

By Doug Smith

The start of this effort is centered around concerns for impact to salmon streams from mining operations. This initiative was quickly highjacked by the Environmental Groups and became an effort to impose unnecessary requirements and permitting challenges to all Alaska projects without regard to the financial consequences or economic harm to Alaska families. Look up the group Environmental Grant Association and you will see the tip of the iceberg of outside influence on this important local matter. Alaska is under siege by the environmentalist outside of our state and unfortunately local groups with good intentions are being highjacked and hood winked by these groups. All Alaskans must take the challenge to educate themselves on this important issue. It is no longer a Stand for Salmon initiative , it is Block All Development that Could Impact a Stream initiative. This has become a simple agenda by outside influence and NGOs to influence local laws to further their agenda of no development anywhere under any circumstance.

Lizzie Rosen