Ballot Measure 1 will negatively impact growth of the Permanent Fund

By Larry S Cash

I founded our company, RIM Architects, in 1986. We have been able to do business in Alaska for all these 32 years by competing in our economy that is based largely on positive resource development. 

I was fortunate to serve as a trustee of the Permanent Fund from 2013 through 2017 and during those years we saw the Permanent Fund grow from $44 billion to over $60 billion through the ups and downs of our Alaska economy and astute, disciplined, investment of the fund resources by APFC staff.

Ballot Measure 1 threatens to devastate economic growth in our state, which is just starting to recover from the dramatic drop in the price of oil of 2016.

Proposition 1 creates unnecessary and undefined regulations that are not needed and are overreaching.

This will negatively impact growth of the Permanent Fund, reducing Permanent Fund payments to our citizens immediately and long term. 

Vote NO on 1!  A NO vote is a vote to grow our economy and protect the Alaska Permanent Fund.  Vote NO on 1!  Vote NO on!!!

Larry S Cash, CEO
RIM Architects
Former Member, Alaska Permanent Fund Board of Trustees

Lizzie Rosen