Alaska AFL-CIO Opposes Ballot Measure 1

August 24, 2018

The Alaska AFL-CIO today formally voted to oppose Ballot Measure 1, which goes before Alaska voters at the November 6 General Election. The AFL-CIO of Alaska includes labor unions statewide, representing more than 50,000 Alaska working men and women.

The organization made the decision in Fairbanks during their biennial convention, unanimously passing a resolution opposing Ballot Measure 1 and joining the Stand for Alaska–Vote No on 1 campaign’s broad coalition, which includes more than 430 Alaskan small businesses, organizations and Alaska Native corporations.

“Ballot Measure 1 is wrong for Alaska and is bad for jobs. It’s that simple,” said AFL-CIO of Alaska president Vince Beltrami. 

“This measure could shut down current operations and future projects throughout Alaska. Alaska is still in a recession and we’ve lost jobs. We oppose Ballot Measure 1 because it threatens the livelihoods of our more than 50,000 members,” Beltrami said.

Stand for Alaska Co-chair Joey Merrick said union members support policies that help protect existing jobs and create new jobs. “Ballot Measure 1 is the single greatest threat to our ability to get out of this recession and to get folks back to work,” said Merrick, who also serves as Business Manager for Laborers’ Local 341.


Lizzie Rosen