Statement from the Campaign: Measure to go before voters

 Stand for Alaska (SFA) campaign manager Kati Capozzi said:

“We have long expected this measure to be approved to go before Alaska voters later this year.

“This misguided and poorly written ballot measure is ripe with unintended consequences that will cause havoc in Alaska’s communities and in how we live our lives, both in urban and rural Alaska. It’s clear the language of this measure puts important development projects at risk. But, it also negatively impacts public infrastructure projects such as roads, airports, ports, pipelines and wastewater treatment facilities.

“We look forward to a robust discussion in the coming months so voters will learn that this proposed ballot measure is not what it claims to be. Our job will be to help voters understand the negative impacts this flawed proposal will have on Alaska and Alaskans.”

In a letter to initiative proponents, dated March 13, the Lieutenant Governor wrote that the petition had been reviewed and that he had “determined that the petition was properly filed.”


SFA formed last October to organize opposition to the proposed state ballot initiative that would overhaul fish habitat regulations. The group is a broad statewide coalition, including Alaska Native corporations, trade unions, business and industry organizations and a growing coalition of Alaskans concerned about the state’s economic future.

Lizzie Rosen