Group Forms to Fight Anti-Development Initiative

A new group has formed to fight the anti-development effort calling itself “Stand for Salmon”. The new, pro-Alaska group opposing the measure, “Stand for Alaska,” is co-chaired by members representing diverse interests in Alaska:

• Aaron Schutt, Doyon, Limited
• Marleanna Hall, Resource Development Council for Alaska, Inc.
• Joey Merrick, Alaska Laborers Local 341

Curtis Thayer, president and CEO of the Alaska Chamber, will serve as Stand for Alaska’s

The group formed to begin pushing back on the false narrative that current laws and
regulations fail to adequately protect salmon. Instead, Stand for Alaska will work to inform
fellow Alaskans of the real dangers of the potential ballot initiative, namely the creation of a
job-killing, community-damaging, regulatory nightmare that would not only hurt the state’s
ability to develop many of its natural resources, but would likely do nothing to improve fish

Co-chair Aaron Schutt: “As the state’s largest private land owner, this initiative, if passed, will
prevent Doyon from developing the vast resources that we received under ANCSA, and will
destroy our ability to create a sustainable socioeconomic future for Alaska Native people.”

Co-chair Marleanna Hall: “Without question, this ballot initiative is the most serious threat to
Alaska’s economy in state history. We support the State of Alaska immediately defending its
decision to deny certification. The initiative will not only hamper, halt, or even deny responsible
resource development projects, it will also impact community development across the state.”

A recent legal analysis of the proposed initiative shows that newly created regulations would
lead to the following negative consequences:

• Prudhoe Bay (and likely all Alaska oilfields) would have been impossible to permit or
construct if this initiative was in place during concept development or planning for oilfield
startup. In other words, the terms of the proposed ballot measure would put future
energy projects in peril.

• Construction of airport runways, roads, wastewater treatment plants, and other critical
infrastructure would become much more difficult, if not impossible, under the terms of
the proposed ballot measure.

Stand for Alaska organizers are hopeful the State of Alaska will appeal the latest legal ruling on
the ballot initiative’s constitutionality to the Alaska Supreme Court. In the event the initiative is
certified for the ballot, Stand for Alaska will take its message statewide, working tirelessly to
inform Alaska voters of the hidden dangers of this deeply flawed ballot initiative.


Stand for Alaska