Voters Reject Ballot Measure 1

“Today Alaskan voters made the right choice to protect our jobs, our economy and our communities,” Stand for Alaska Vote No on 1 campaign manager Kati Capozzi said. 

“Ballot Measure 1 was a radical overhaul of our salmon habitat protections. Voters today showed they believe our current regulations have served to protect our habitat and allow for responsible development. The defeat of Ballot Measure 1 sends a clear message that Alaskans are not in favor of Outside interests’ attempts to regulate our land and resources.  

“Our diverse, statewide coalition was a major factor in the outcome of this campaign. Never before has such a broad coalition organized around a statewide ballot measure. More than 550 Alaska businesses across the state, Alaska Native corporations, labor unions, trade groups, and tens of thousands of Alaskans were part of the Stand for Alaska effort. Their dedication and hard work were instrumental in the strong support we demonstrated in achieving a solid victory today. The results of this election signal that Alaska remains open to responsible resource development going forward.”




Lizzie Rosen